Capturing stunning images that
brings your creative vision to life

Hi, I am Tracy Wind, an interior design and fine art photographer based in Darien, Connecticut. I am passionate about creating images that evoke strong emotions, tell compelling stories, and transport the viewer to the location in my photos. I am drawn to the beauty and detail of the world around us, and photography allows me to capture and share those moments with others.


My experience in advertising, event planning, professional organizing, and participation in numerous photography workshops has given me the technical and creative skills needed to launch my photography business. As your interior design photographer, I'll collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive shot list, give you an overview of what to anticipate on the day of the shoot, offer styling recommendations, and produce magazine-worthy images for your portfolio.


During the photo shoot, I will provide you with a preview of each image, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to styling and ensure that your vision is brought to life through my photography. After the photo session, you will receive your images within 14 days via an online gallery. If you have a project that you'd like to have photographed, I'd love to connect and discuss your specific needs and requirements.


I am also passionate about capturing images of seascapes, botanicals, landscapes, and anything in nature. I'm happiest when I am outside, preferably on a beach, with a camera in my hand!


All of my images are available for purchase in various finishes and sizes. For more information, please contact me!

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